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Project Description
Sensor Mayhem is a growing collection of sensor and location related add-ons for Mayhem.

It currently consists of the following events:

  • Orientation: Trig a reaction when the computer is a specific orientation. Requires a build-in accelerometer.
  • Shake: Trig a reaction when the computer is shaken. Requires a build-in accelerometer.
  • Free fall: Trig a reaction when the computer is in free fall. Requires a build-in accelerometer.
  • Light: Trig a reaction when the light in the room falls below or exceed a specific lux value. Requires a build-in ambient light sensor.
  • Location: Trig a reaction when your computer is in a specific geographical area. Requires a build-in GPS sensor.

In Mayhem they are all prefixed with "Sensor:".

Examples of use:

  • Shake away the windows on the desktop by physical shaking your tablet.
  • Make the tablet go in standby, when it is lying upside down.
  • Open a program for taking notes when your tablet is standing in portrait.
  • Automatically SMS your boss (use Twilio Mayhem), when you are leaving the office areas.
  • Copy your most important files to a safe place, when your computer is in free fall. :)

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